Company Policy

Reverse Logistics USA, partners with manufacturers, operators, distributors, service centers, and retailers to turn inventory challenges into business opportunities. We specialize in the profitable redistribution of new and pre-owned phones, tablets, accessories, and other wireless equipment. Environmental management: We strongly advocate environmental thinking, and as such, we want employees to protect the environment, prevent pollution, and reuse, including bringing of product and its packaging back into circulation where possible and profitable.


Health and Safety

 There is no place in the workplace for injury or illness, therefore we promote prevention of injuries and ill health. As such we support being well organized, removing hazards where possible, and watching out for the safety of ourselves and others, including the wearing of personal protective equipment where specified and where needed. Safety rules must be followed. Be focused on safety.


Legal Compliance

There is a law for the environment, health, safety and recycling.

We don’t have to think about it, we just follow it. Everyone is accountable.


Data Security/Destruction 

Factory reset all data containing devices, no matter what, always reset, and never attempt to view the content of other’s devices. Not only is this morally wrong, but there are laws and we will follow them.


Recycling of Electronics

We buy cell phones and accessories most people don’t want to buy. We sort and make them work again and get these products back into circulation for profit and to help the environment. Where this goal cannot profitably be achieved, we will keep the reusable parts and separate the remainder to be sent to responsible recycling firms for further dismantling, processing and recovery.

We have a zero e-waste to landfill policy. No electronic products leaving Swipe Ice’s facility will be directed to incineration, energy recovery or land disposal facilities unless no other reuse or recycling options are viable.


Continuous Improvement

We want to have a smooth system and process. If there is a quicker, better and more accurate way that saves money, we want to do it.

We are therefore committed to continual improvement of our systems and our performance.